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Navigating Google Classroom

This video coaches Parents on navigating the different the Class View, To Do List, and Calendar View in Google Classroom.

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Class View

The Class view (aka the dashboard) is a great location to look at what a student needs to complete each day.  It is an overview of the up and coming work in every class.  Use this view to plan the day and the week.  From the class view, you can zoom into a specific class to view the most recent class announcements, assignment details, and other important information.  Some teachers will post new assignments each day while others may post work ahead of time in this location.  When students complete each assignment, they must click "TURN IN" or "MARK AS DONE" so the assignment is removed from their active work list.

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To Do List

Only use this view for the MISSING work.  Teachers are updating their classrooms so the missing work list will accurately list assignments that are still active, but not yet turned in.  Any assignment past the due date that is not turned in gets added to the MISSING work list.  After a period of time, teachers may remove assignments from this list and record in powerschool that the assignment was not completed.

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Calendar View

After a student clicks "TURN IN" or "MARK AS DONE", assignments are removed from their active work list in the Class view (aka dashboard). Students cannot remove assignments from the Calendar View even when they "turn them in".  If parents would like to double check the work  assigned for a day so they can review it with students or check on their student's progress, use Calendar View to see past, present, and future assignments.  

Important note: Google Classroom is an excellent tool for viewing what your student needs to do both now and in the future.  To view their progress, check for missing assignments, and look at grading feedback, please use powerschool just like in the past.