Girls in Manufacturing
Posted on 11/01/2018
MSP Girls in Manufacturing

Mrs. Coyle and Ms. Westfall, Technology/Engineering teachers at the Middle School of Plainville, brought 8th-grade girls to a "Girls and Manufacturing” event held in Cromwell.  This event was held because there is a huge shortage of workers in the manufacturing field and women are underrepresented.  

The girls had a great time working together to run an ice cream stick manufacturing company and working on a production line creating a swing ride. The girls also visited with representatives from Manufacturing companies, vocational schools, and community colleges to learn about what education is needed to be successful in this career field and what some of the items were that companies in Connecticut produced. It was good to see that CT Spring and Stamp (just off North-West Drive in Plainville) produces the spring wire used in braces. Students also took a tour of the Goodwin College manufacturing mobile lab. There was a fair amount of discussion on additive manufacturing (3d printing) which the girls were very knowledgeable about because of the "Innovations" unit that Mrs. Coyle teaches. Overall it was an awesome educational experience.