Middle School of Plainville

Faculty/Staff Directory

To reach an individual's voicemail box, dial 860-793-3250, and enter the 4 digit extension when prompted.
To email an individual, click the email address, or copy and paste it into your email editor.

Homework assignments are listed on team websites.

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  Principal Mr. Matthew Guarino x1051 guarinom@plainvilleschools.org
  Assistant Principal  Ms. Aimee Roberts x1052 robertsa@plainvilleschools.org
  Dean of Students Mr. Thomas Laudadio x1053 laudadiot@plainvilleschools.org
  Secretary to Principal  Ms. Colleen Ryder  x1105  ryderc@plainvilleschools.org
  Secretary to Dean and AP  Ms. Patricia Osborne  x1104  osbornep@plainvilleschools.org
School Counselors
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  Grade 6 Counselor Ms. Denise Grodzicki x1054 grodzickid@plainvilleschools.org
  Grade 7 Counselor Ms. Kim Rodriguez x1055 rodriguezk@plainvilleschools.org
  Grade 8 Counselor Ms. Jessica Pepinx1056 pepinj@plainvilleschools.org
   Secretary to Counseling Dept.  Mrs. Dana Ross  x1101  rossd@plainvilleschools.org

Support Faculty and Staff
   School Psychologist Ms. Justine Misseri x1111 misserij@plainvilleschools.org
  Library Media Specialist Mrs. Joyce Lynch x1301 lynchj@plainvilleschools.org
  Numeracy Coach Mrs. Sue Butler x1303 butlers@plainvilleschools.org
  Nurse Ms. Sandi Capodice, RN x1107 capodices@plainvilleschools.org
  Youth Services Ms. Roberta Brown x1058 brownr@plainvilleschools.org
  Youth Services Ms. Cindy Trifone x1058 trifonec@plainvilleschools.org

Special Education
  Grade 6 Resource Room Mr. Jesse Gumpert x1214 gumpertj@plainvilleschools.org
  Grade 7 Resource Room Ms. Gloria Harris x1208 harrisg@plainvilleschools.org
  Grade 8 Resource Room Ms. Carol VonAchen x1315 vonachenc@plainvilleschools.org
  Connections Program Ms. Cathryn Schloesser x1115 schloesserc@plainvilleschools.org
  Developmental Program Ms. Stephanie Gagne x1307 gagnes@plainvilleschools.org
  REACH Program Ms. Christine Harkey x1114 harkeyc@plainvilleschools.org
  Special Ed. and SRBI Reading Ms. Leanne Gmeindl x1507 gmeindll@plainvilleschools.org
  Special Ed. and SRBI Reading Ms. Barbara Welton x1509 weltonb@plainvilleschools.org
  Speech Pathologist TBD x1058
Grade 6: Adventurers
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  Math Mr. Jason Criniti x1109 crinitij@plainvilleschools.org  
  Science Mr. Gary Feltt x1211 felttg@plainvilleschools.org  
  Team Leader -Social Studies Ms. Stephanie Turbett x1222 turbetts@plainvilleschools.org  
  Language Arts Ms. Elise Scafuri x1215 scafurie@plainvilleschools.org  
  Language Arts Mr. Gary Wachtelhausen x1217 wachtelhauseng@plainvilleschools.org  

Grade 6: Explorers
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  Math Mr. Ryan Glover x1109 gloverr@plainvilleschools.org  
  Science Ms. Julie Slowik x1213 slowikj@plainvilleschools.org  
  Team Leader -Social Studies Ms. Melinda Buthe x1216 buthem@plainvilleschools.org  
  Language Arts Ms. Karen Baleshiski x1220 baleshiskik@plainvilleschools.org  
  Language Arts Ms. Susan Steele x1218 steeles@plainvilleschools.org  

Grade 7: Path Finders
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  Math Ms. Robin Newport x1306 newportr@plainvilleschools.org  
  Science Ms. Christina Konovalov x1210 konovalovc@plainvilleschools.org  
  Social Studies Ms. Jody Muldoon x1207 muldoonj@plainvilleschools.org  
  Team Leader -Language Arts Ms. Pamela Pires x1206 piresp@plainvilleschools.org  
  Language Arts Ms. Karyn Bacinskasx1204bacinskask@plainvilleschools.org 

Grade 7: Trail Blazers
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  Math Ms. Robyn Levesque x1304 levesquer@plainvilleschools.org  
  Science Ms. Christina Corvello x1212 corvelloc@plainvilleschools.org  
  Team Leader -Social Studies Ms. Allison Rogers x1205 rogersa@plainvilleschools.org  
  Language Arts Mr. Nathan Massicotte
  Language Arts Ms. Jacqueline Franklin x1305 franklinj@plainvilleschools.org  

Grade 8: Aviators
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  Team Leader -Math Mr. Greg Warnat x1321 warnatg@plainvilleschools.org  
  Science Ms. Susan Van Kleef x1313 vankleefs@plainvilleschools.org  
  Social Studies Mr. Demitrios Karapanos x1316 karapanosd@plainvilleschools.org  
  Language Arts Ms. Erin Georgini x1314 georginie@plainvilleschools.org  
  World Language Ms. Rita Conant x1318 conantr@plainvilleschools.org  

Grade 8: Navigators
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  Math Mr. Christopher Couture x1319 couturec@plainvilleschools.org  
  Science Mr. David Moore x1311 moored@plainvilleschools.org  
  Social Studies Mr. Shaun Berard x1310 berards@plainvilleschools.org  
  Team Leader -Language Arts Ms. Diane Rottier x1317 rottierd@plainvilleschools.org  
  World Language Ms. Christine Barichko
x1323 barichkoc@plainvilleschools.org  

Unified Arts
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  Art Ms. Laura Meehan x1504 meehanl@plainvilleschools.org  
  Art Ms. Lori Vigue x1510 viguel@plainvilleschools.org  
  FACS Ms. Kari-Lyn Osborn x1502 osbornk@plainvilleschools.org  
  Band/Music Ms. Barbara Senatore x1412 senatoreb@plainvilleschools.org  
   Band Grade 8 Mr. Dominic Talotta  x1412  talottad@plainvilleschools.org  
  Chorus/Music Ms. Laurel Schwartz x1406 schwartzl@plainvilleschools.org  
  Chorus/Music Mr. Todd Helming x1404 helmingt@plainvilleschools.org  
  Phys. Ed. Mr. Adam Murphy x1418 murphya@plainvilleschools.org  
  Phys. Ed. Ms. Amy Tennant x1413 tennanta@plainvilleschools.org  
  Tech. Ed. Ms. Kim Coyle x1511 coylek@plainvilleschools.org  
  Team Leader -Tech. Ed. Ms. Camille Westfall x1512 westfallc@plainvilleschools.org  
      Health  Ms. Shannon Shea-Lyons
 x1514  shealyonss@plainvilleschools.org  
      Health Ms. Melanie Olmstead x1203  olmsteadm@plainvilleschools.org